Solar Tubular Battery by Cleon Powertech Solution

Cleon Powertech Solution is a leading battery manufacturing company having two state of the manufacturing facilities in Uttar Pradesh, The batteries offered by Cleon are easy to
Handle, offer low maintenance, have long service life and high discharge rate, are flexible with long shelf life,have wide operating temperature and more. The company has a strong network of distributors across India and is a renowned name in the B2B segment. It is presently offering
its batteries to some of the major brands in India and offers its supplies regularly in Defence and Govt Tenders. Cleon has successfully established itself as a leading brand in exports and
is presently exporting batteries to more than 10 Countries, covering Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Cleon is dedicated towards paying attention to detail when strategizing its business,
to ensure an advantage over the existing brands in the specific market. The company with its team of experts determines the brand positioning, identifies direct competitors, understands how each competitor is positioning their brands, identifies its unique offerings, develops a value-based positioning idea, and thus crafts a brand positioning statement to reach out to customers.
It ensures to set clear expectations from the start, and makes sure that current and prospective customers always have the information they need to make informed decisions. Finally, with its dedicated team, it collects feedback on a regular basis to determine customers satisfaction and thus uses the insights to make necessary transformation in the approach.

Cleon focuses on providing highest quality products using the latest technology. Its cost control strives allows it to provide customers with high quality products at desired prices. In addition to that, Cleon focuses on the existing customers on priority, to ensure long-
standing business relationships with them. Transparency and communication are the ideals that we follow for all our business operations. Our mission is to ensure that our quality of products and service are unique, helping us stand out from our competition.

Cleon batteries are produced in state of the art manufacturing plant with latest machinery and technology having installed capacity of 48 million Ah per annum comprising of a Fully Automatic Pasting Machine, Fully Automatic Curing & Drying Chambers, and High Pressure Die
Casting Machine for spine casting , Fully Automatic Grid Casting Machine ,Separator Enveloping Machine, Tubular Plate Filling Vibrator, Complete Battery Assembly Line, Micro processed Controlled Battery Chargers & Dischargers , Acid recirculation system for battery charging and
many more such top of the line machines, which are run under the guidance of trained professionals having experience of more than 2 and a half decades in the battery industry.
Cleon Powertech Solution endeavors to educate their clients about the several factors including product knowledge , right pricing, the required after sale services and thus offers them with batteries they need. Cleon’s range of batteries include automotive batteries, inverter batteries,
solar batteries, e-vehicle batteries, and industrial batteries.


  • Spines are casted on high pressure die casting machines
  • High purity lead oxide is used for active material

  • Heavy durable polypropylene copolymer container
  • Less electrical resistant /high porosity tubular bag
  • High oxidation resistant /high porosity Polyethylene separator
  • Charging of batteries done on most advanced temperature controlled acid recirculation system.
  • Consistent Backup throughout life.
  • Low Self Discharge.
  • Low Water Loss.
  • Water level indicators to check electrolyte level