PVC Insulated Wiring Cables

Kenwest cables for wiring installations include PVC insulated conduit wires and PVC insulated and sheathed flat
surface wiring cables, with an optional bare earth continuity conductor. The cables are suitable for most industrial, domestic, public and commercial buildings. They are reliable and easy to install and withstand the effects of damp, building materials, corrosive atmospheres and abrasion.

Core Colours
PVC insulated and sheathed
Single Core – Red, Black or Green/Yellow
Two Core – Red and Black
Three Core – Red, Yellow and Black
Four Core  -Red, Yellow, Blue and Black
Sheath Colours
All Types Grey or Black

Bending Radius: (I.E.E. Regulations)
Cable diameter/Axis dimension Minimum Bending Radius:
Not exceeding 10mm 75mm
10mm to 25mm 100mm
Exceeding 25mm 450mm
Spacing of fixing clips (I.E.E. Regulations)
Cable diameter/major – Horizontal     Vertical
Axis dimension           – runs     runs
Not exceeding 9mm  – 250mm         400mm
9mm 15mm  – 300mm 400mm
15mm to 20mm – 350mm 450mm
20mm to 40mm  – 400mm 500mm

Metric wiring cables are designed to operate up to 600/1000 Volts. That is, 600 Volts to earth or 1000 Volts
between conductors. Refer to the relevant table of cable for the specific voltage rating.

During manufacture, all cores are individually park tested at between 6 and 12 kV, depending upon conductor size
core cables are selected on a random basis, other cables on a 100% basis and subjected to a voltage withstand test
for period of five minutes .

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