PVC Insulated Armoured Cables

PVC Insulated Armoured Cables

All cables listed in this section are produced with high conductivity copper conductors in accordance with
KS 04 – 194 and BS 6346.
Cables up to and including 16 sq. mm four core, have circular conductors. Beyond this size conductors are shaped
and compacted to reduce overall dimensions.

PVC insulated armoured power cables and auxiliary control cables are manufactured to the Kenya standard KS 04-
194 and British Standard specifications:

Cores and insulated with PVC compound to KS 04-188:1969 & BS 6746:1969 and are identified as follows:
Phase conductors: red, yellow, blue
Neutral conductors : black
Control cables 5 core and above – We manufacture control cables with number coding or color coding for

Prior to bedding, the insulated cores are laid up and covered with a non-hygroscopic plastic tape.

All cable in this section have an extruded bedding of PVC compound complying with KS 04-188 & BS 6746.
Armouring is provided by means of galvanised mild steel wires to KS 04-290 & BS 1442 prior to a final sheath of
PVC Compound. The legend “electric cable” together with the voltage rating and cable manufacturer and size is
embossed on the outer sheath.

During manufacture, all cores are individually spark tested at 3 – 6kV depending upon cable voltage and conductor
size. Finished cables are subject to 3kV and shall withstand test for a period of five minutes.

To prevent damage during handling, cables should only be installed when both the cable temperature and ambient
temperature are above 0ºC and have been maintained at that temperature for the previous 24 hours.

It is important that during installation, cables with shaped conductors are not bent to a radius smaller than eight
times the overall diameter. Cables with circular conductors may be bent to a minimum radius of six times the
overall diameter.

Buried cables should not be in contact with stones or objects likely to cause damage to the outer sheath. Cables
should be covered with sand or sifted soil prior to final backfilling of the cable trench.

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