Aluminium Overhead Conductors And Under Ground Cables

Kenwest Cables Ltd manufacturers a range of aluminum conductors and cables for overhead transmission and
distribution of electric power.
Our range includes:
• All aluminum conductors, both bare soft and hard drawn and PVC insulated.
• All aluminum conductor, steel reinforced, bare or PVC insulated.
• Concentric neutral conductor, PVC insulated.
• All aluminum cables, steel wire armored, PVC insulated U/G cables
• Aluminum binding wire – soft drawn, bare or PVC insulted.
All our aluminum cables and conductors are manufactured to both local and international standards including
KEBS, BS and IEC standards and customer specified standards. All other customer specified constructions and
markings are done as per request.

• Good physical and electrical properties
• Easy to strip and terminate
• Resistant to damp and most chemicals
• Oil and grease resistant
• Easy to clean
• Good all round performance and reliability

Unless otherwise expressed, Kenwest wiring cables and cords comply with the following Kenyan and British
KS 04- 453 Specification for PVC insulated cables (Non-armoured) for electric power & lighting.
KS 04-192 & BS 6500 Specification for PVC insulated flexible cables and cords of rated voltage Uo/U up to and
including 450/750V.

The maximum long service operating temperature of PVC is 70ºC. This means that a normal service life can be
expected from PVC insulated Cables and cords if the sum of the ambient temperature does not exceed 70ºC.
To prevent damage during the handling and installation of PVC cables, the ambient temperature should not be less
than 0ºC. When working at or near this temperature it is advisable to keep the cable in a warm place for at least 24
hours before installation.

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